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Sergio Fedasz

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Getting his start at KALX at Berkeley, Sergio Fedasz fell in love with DJing almost 15 years ago. He’s known all over San Francisco for his diverse parties like Go BANG! while still producing shows at the radio station. Sergio’s constant pursuit of positive connections with his audience and peers has helped him successfully navigate the nightlife scene. Catch him on July 31st for Go BANG! at Paradise Lounge.

SF Station (SFS): What inspired Go BANG!?

Sergio Fedasz (S): I'd been DJing for a while and had started getting into the disco scene. In general, it is a friendly, sweaty, dancing crowd. As I went to parties, I made friends and became a fan of some amazing DJs, including Nicky B (from Gemini Disco) and Stanley Frank (from Viennetta). One day, someone asked if I wanted to throw together a last-minute party. I called on a few friends and we all quickly formed a party with Stanley, Nicky, Ken Vulsion (of Honeysoundsystem), DJ Flight, and Eddy Bauer.

We all brainstormed and "Go BANG!" made sense given the party's goal of gathering all our friends at once to dance and sweat in a safe, friendly, positive environment. And the reference to the classic Arthur Russell-produced song of the same name also was a great bonus.

After the first party, we have evolved and grown; showcasing guest DJs and occasional live and drag performances. While there is a great and strong disco scene, we want to bring outsiders to the scene — lovers of house music who may not know disco, lovers of funky beats who may think disco is the pop/mainstream junk you hear on jukeboxes — and into an environment where the music is fun and funky, and the crowd is dancing. We want to grow and preserve the disco scene and expose people to the fun and funk that disco is.

SFS: What aspect of this party do you think adequately represents San Francisco?

S: San Francisco has a strong and amazing disco history. We can only hear and see pictures of the decadent, exciting disco days. We try to recapture this fun feeling, and invite all people of every stripe who want to dance. It is the love of the music, the release of emotions and joy through the dance, and the strong community feeling that we strive to preserve. A number of other quality parties do this as well, which we have utmost respect for.

SFS: What a song you currently dance to when you want to lift your spirits?

S: I have a few: Sylvester's "I Need You" or Salsoul Orchestra with Loleatta Holloway's "Seconds" do it for me! "I Need You" is a super-uplifting love song, and "Seconds" is about how good her man is in bed that she needs more — love and sex, sex and love.

SFS: What sounds are you currently rotating around?

S: I’m Getting a bit back into my house roots: Strictly Rhythm, Hot Mix 5, FFRR, Defected. I’m also feeling recent disco reedits you can get for free from Soundcloud by Cesario Magnifique, Munga, Adrian Touchsoul, Tres Lingerie, Honeysoundsystem, L'Elephant, DJ Friction, etc. I got the most love for my disco, though, mostly with divas, tambourines, synths and horns!

SFS: And, I have to know, why no DJ moniker?

S: I like my real name, can't think of a good fake one. And if a cute girl likes me, I want to make it easy for her to find me!

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