See Jane Run Sports

3810 24th St, San Francisco, CA
(415) 401-8338
Sun (10-5)
Mon - Fri (11-7)
Sat (10-6)


If you think shopping for women's clothing is an insurmountable task, try shopping for women's fitness clothing. Given the fashion industry's penchant for turning a blind eye to the scores of women's bodies that belie the unconventional svelteness of a Christy Turlington (who has her own line of fitness clothing, might I add) or a Nicole Kidman, it's refreshing that a place like See Jane Run Sports exists.

A woman-owned and -operated retail store in San Francisco's Noe Valley and Oakland's Rockridge, See Jane Run encourages athleticism while catering to the unique needs of the active woman, whether this means customizing her sneakers or making sure her yoga gear fits in all the right places. Boasting an array of performance-oriented, quality clothing, shoes and accessories for sport and lifestyle, See Jane Run is perfect for the hard-bodied competitor, the style-conscious sylph, and the casual no-fuss athlete.

Excerpt from Article by Nirmala Nataraj