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See Jane Run Sports

An Exercise in Style and Motion

If you think shopping for women's clothing is an insurmountable task, try shopping for women's fitness clothing. Given the fashion industry's penchant for turning a blind eye to the scores of women's bodies that belie the unconventional svelteness of a Christy Turlington (who has her own line of fitness clothing, might I add) or a Nicole Kidman, it's refreshing that a place like See Jane Run Sports exists.

A woman-owned and -operated retail store in San Francisco's Noe Valley and Oakland's Rockridge, See Jane Run encourages athleticism while catering to the unique needs of the active woman, whether this means customizing her sneakers or making sure her yoga gear fits in all the right places. Boasting an array of performance-oriented, quality clothing, shoes and accessories for sport and lifestyle, See Jane Run is perfect for the hard-bodied competitor, the style-conscious sylph, and the casual no-fuss athlete.

The store carries clothing and accessories tailored for running, cycling, swimming, yoga, aerobics, walking, soccer, hiking, or everyday wear. Both the East Bay and San Francisco boutiques are laid-back locations in which experienced staff provide extensive product details, as well as helpful information if you're seeking advice on the best shoes for a triathlon or want to know about fitness events in your area. Staff offer reliable guidance on fitness regimens, since most of them have had first-hand experience with not only the apparel that See Jane Run carries, but with most of the sports and activities associated with the products.

While the clothing is more functional than fashion-oriented, all merchandise is stylish, flattering, and fun. Most of the clothing is made with high performance synthetics meant to ensure a free range of motion and moisture absorption so that your workout isn't hampered by heavy, sweaty clothing. Much of the apparel is also wrinkle-free and can easily be stuffed into a tote bag without any to-do.

Designers include Patagonia, Adidas, and Prana, a stylish line of yoga wear. Prana's Henna sleeveless tee ($32.99) in banana, orange or sky, is an airy, elastic silhouette top made from 100% nylon interlock that's perfect for postures or daily wear, featuring an ornate Moroccan emblem across the front.

Many of See Jane Run's products are multi-purpose, like Patagonia's nylon/spandex seamless shorts ($21.99), whose suggested uses include yoga/pilates, bouldering, and rafting. The shorts work as a streamlined performance layer, and the waistband doesn't bind or chafe, making for a contour-hugging, high-coverage product that increases swiftness and performance.

Tasteful outerwear choices include BOA's DriTek Waffle knit ($47.99), a lightweight hoodie with front patch pockets and a boxy cut that hits the waist. Even See Jane Run's socks are dynamic and sophisticated. The ASICS Kayano Achilles Ped ($13.99) is a low-rise running sock that eliminates chafing from shoe tongues and heel counters. It's anatomically tailored for both the right and left foot, and offers cushioning in spots that receive the most wear from running. ASICS' "Cool and Dry" pinnacle yarn system combats against the discomfort of sweaty feet.

Accessories include sleek yoga mat bags, Freestyle sports watches, and access packs that keep your drinking water cool. Both stores carry similar products, so it's possible to order something from the second store if it's out of stock in the first. One additional feature of the Oakland store is its funky selection of plus-sized athletic apparel and bras.

In addition to its medley of offerings, See Jane Run is a resource center and non-profit foundation whose purpose is to empower women and girls through sports and fitness. With its catchy name and noble endeavor to provide viable fitness information to women of all shapes and sizes, See Jane Run is enticing fodder for all proponents of healthy, active and stylish lifestyles.