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Second Round

Shaping Up

Detroit vs. Indy
"A Battle without a Fight"

Two games in and this actually looks competitive. Detroit is such a tough team to go against, so I won't start here. Yes, bandwagon jumpers, this Detroit team is a little less imposing than last year's team, but they still have a good chance at winning it all. Let's see how it all plays out against this motivated opponent.

Side bar: Too much is being made about the day the season ended for Indy. I don't like the fact that Artest was suspended for the entire season, but let the past be the past. The biggest news from the series will be after game 6, when we all salute Reggie Miller; the Knick killer, Jordan ragdoll, great sharp-shooter and hall of famer. From that day forward children will only know him as a TNT NBA analyst. Thanks for the memories back from the day at UCLA to all those years with the Pacers.

Prediction: Detroit wins 4 -2

Phoenix vs Dallas
"Nashy Returns"

Oh my God. Dallas can actually play with the Suns. This is definitely the best matchup of the 2nd Round. If Dallas can keep the score in the 90s or low 100s, they have a chance. That means they are playing defense. Phoenix wants to run. Please Dallas, don't play into their hands. Listen to Avery. After all, he is your coach.

Side bar: After two games, everybody who voted for Steve Nash needs to just shut up about how great he is. He's very good, but I would rather have Shaq, Wade or Duncan before Nash at this point.

Prediction: Phoenix wins 4 - 3

Miami and San Antonio
"No Contest for the Favorites"

The first couple of games demonstrate what happens when experienced, talented teams with dominant players face up against inexperienced teams with less dominant players. This has been the case in both series: Miami vs DC and San Antonio vs Seattle. Not that Washington and Seattle are without talent. No, they have game, but their collective knowledge of what's needed to take it over the top is lacking. Shaq, Duncan, Wade, Gnobli -- these guys outshine their competitors by almost every measure. Allen, Lewis, Arenas, Jamison, Hughes; they are all up and comers, but until one of them breaks through, it's hard to seriously consider their teams' upset potential.

Side bar: The big wheels on the Big Desiel aren't rolling the way they need to be rolling if the Heat hope to win it all.

Prediction: These series will likely not make it past six games. Miami wins 4 - 1, San Antonio wins 4 - 1.

Faux Pas in Round 1

Sorry guys. In round 1 I never saw it coming with Chicago. The Sactown over Seattle was a reach, hey I live in NoCal -- at least that's my excuse, and obviously Adelman hasn't taught his team anything about team D which will probably cost him the coaching job, but Chicago? I guess we all saw the value of having a 7 footer in there blocking shots and grabbing rebounds after all. The Bulls played somewhat soft and inexperienced while the Wizards took it to the hole at will. In short, way to go DC and Seattle.