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Sebastien Tellier

Letís Talk About Sex

Sebastien Tellier could very well be Franceís new sexual ambassador to the United States. For his third LP Sexuality, the Parisian enlisted Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, one half of Daft Punk, for production help and a willing girlfriend to provide the requisite moans over his musical interpretation of sexual bliss. Tellier spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from his Los Angeles hotel on a rainy morning before starting his North American tour. He performs at Mezzanine on December 4th.

SF Station (SFS): Did you get up in time for the hotel breakfast or will you go straight to the lounge?

Sebastein Tellier (ST): I donít eat breakfast here because the breakfast at the hotel is disgusting. If I eat, I have a croissant or go outside the hotel.

SFS: You have said the living your fantasies is an example of a successful life. Are you feeling more successful these days?

ST: I think to have a wonderful life -- itís very simple, but it works -- you have to have a good sexual life. Nothing is better than a dream or a fantasy because we can find heaven through a dream or a fantasy. I try to live my fantasies and I see my life as a kind of movie.

SFS: Has your sex life changed since the release of the album?

ST: On the album, and now on stage, I play a role. In life, Iím just a regular guy.

SFS: What made you want to record an album about sexuality?

ST: The link between my three albums is I try to find out who is the master of puppets. I feel like a puppet and I see people around me as puppets, too. At the beginning of my career, the first album was about family. After that, the master of puppets for me was politics, and now I think we are slaves of sex. For me now, sex is the master of puppets.

SFS: How can you possibly top that?

ST: Maybe eternal life. Itís possible that eternal life is more important than sex. Iím not sure because, to make a new album, I need to change everything in my life. For me there is no point to making an album as the same guy. You have to change and do something different. Iím still the same with Sexuality, so Iím not sure about the next one.

SFS: What do you think about sexuality in America?

ST: I think itís kind of like a game. There is a lot of pure pleasure, with a lot of fun but not much finesse. There is not a lot of intimate love. The people that talk about sex in the U.S. are sometimes too direct. To talk about sex in the right way, you have to use poetry to be soft and cleaner.

SFS: Was it difficult to transfer that message to the album?

ST: Yes. For me the lead message of the album was to be a great lover, you have to be a nice person. You have to be a nice person and if your girlfriend is a nice person you can have some good fun on the bed.

Sebastien Tellier performs at Mezzanine on December 4th. Tickets are $15 and doors open at 9pm.