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Save The Green Planet

Intergalactic Genre Smoothie

Anyone who has spent quality time in a corporate cube farm has likely contemplated the idea that their boss is an alien. Most cube farms seem vaguely otherworldly to begin with. Is the idea that your boss an alien really that far fetched? Lee Byeong-Gu (Shin Ha-Gyun) doesn't have just a garden-variety alien for a boss. His boss appears to hold the key to staving off an alien invasion!

However, Save The Green Planet cannot accurately be characterized as science fiction. The film truly embodies 'genre bending'. Director Jan Jun-Hwan deftly incorporates genre elements from science fiction, comedy, horror, kung fu, and just about every other genre in between. It's an ambitious undertaking and, for the most part, Save The Green Planet works.

Shin Ha-Gyun does a fine job in portraying the conspiracy theory-obsessed, stability challenged Lee Byeong-Gu. While Baek Yun-Shik skillfully plays Lee's allegedly extraterrestrial boss, Kang Man-Shik. Rounding out the primary cast is Lee's circus performing girlfriend, Sooni (Hwang Jung-Min). Some of the most darkly amusing moments in Save The Green Planet come from the bizarre interactions between these three as Lee and Sooni torture Kang in an effort to stave off the imminent alien invasion. While the performances of the aforementioned could be described as over the top, the majority of the laughs stem from said performances.

While there are amusing moments in Save The Green Planet, what keeps one engaged for much of the film is the question of whether or not Lee is in fact a lunatic or Kang an actual alien (or perhaps both?) Unfortunately, director Jan Jun-Hwan chooses a resolution that seems in some ways a bit too tidy given what has preceded it.

Ultimately, it's a minor shortcoming for a film that manages to succeed on most levels. Save The Green Planet even manages to convey a message about the importance of humanity! For those who like their entertainment infused with thought provoking subtext, Save The Green Planet is not a bad place to start.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars