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Are you a man struggling to understand why women don't find you sexy?  do you want to open your heart and your body to someone but find closeness and satisfaction elude you?  If so, you have found the right lady to handle your massage needs.

I've had twenty years in this business and this site isn't so much about me giving massages,  although my massages are great - what I really want to create here is a way to share some of the wisdom I have garnered over having done this so long that I think might be useful especially for men.   The truth is that there is a new movement in how male sexuality is viewed.  The things that, largely due to societal norms, were once acceptable and even manly are staring to be viewed as not very sexy at all.  It can be pretty confusing and frustrating.

One of the things that I've noticed is that many of the behaviors men try to attract women are actually not that attractive and most of the time the guy doesn't know it, he may even have the best of intentions telling himself he wants to please the woman but really he's not able to get past his own self absorbed fear of not getting what he wants.  This is often what leads to the woman shutting down, and both partners feeling bad and unsatisfied.

A lot of it has to do with stress, it's the number one killer and it's a killer of our ability for closeness and the ability to give and receive in a open loving sensual way.  I call it the biggest killer of sexiness.  Ive often found that many of what should have been the best encounters get a bucket of cold water when a guy with stiff tight shoulders and who doesn't really allow himself to relax and just receive tries to touch me.  Many women tell me that where they barely tolerate touch that should be fun and enjoyable.

So what do you do? That's the point of the teaching of my sensual massage technique - it has a lot to do with addressing stress, obsession, and learning how to be more mindful of your needs and the needs of the other person especially the places where a guy "assumes" he knows what a woman wants, but is often, actually most of the time, wrong.

This a new kind of massage, my goal for you is to have you leave knowing more than you came to learn how to be more satisfied than you ever have been. It's like sexual love restoration therapy.  I made that up, I have no idea how well this website is going to go over. I don't know if anyone will ever even see it. It's my Tuesday afternoon brainchild. Call it a labor of love.