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Sarah saw it first!


Oh what a whirl! Since the last time we spoke, the stock market crashed, the world seemed to tumble towards its demise, and I tried my hardest not to get a nasty rash with no avail. After the craziness from Wall Street to Folsom Street, I could barely sit up to make it to my computer screen and send out this message to you! However, as you can tell, I somehow muddles through!

Last week, amidst the frenzy of presidential debates and bailout jargon, the mo’s from around their turned their backs on their collective portfolios, bent over and laced up their boots. They where all, it seemed, on their way to the biggest spectacle of the year, and came out in a stronger force than ever before! It was by the far the wildest, craziest, most packed and exhausting Folsom I have ever experienced! And trust; I had a bird’s eye view!

However, one major component that I didn’t expect was a certain Alaskan with a “gayee” best friend and a VP nomination in attendance at the Faire. managed to schedule some face time for the guys with the one and only hot MILF of the season, Gov. Sarah Palin! Sure, it was just the well-known More!-daughter Candy Gurl in a Mission Thrift suit with a moose head and a hot pair of specs, but the crowd ate her alive! She may have been a bigger draw then the bevy of porn stars, sexpots, ropes exhibitions and ritualistic beatings that could be seen for blocks! It was her finest hour, as she posed for pictures and finally made her media presence known. When asked which House she preffered coming into this season’s election, she gave a unexpected answer; The House of Salad! And we thought it would be Senate!

After Folsom drew to a close, Ambrosia Salad and her cohorts frantically sewed, photo-shopped, painted and airbrushed in preparation for the big event. In a primetime event, the venerable mother’s first stand alone night, she worked some of the biggest trannies in town to come and pay their intimate respects to the crowd Thursday night at Kimo’s! She always puts on such a show, and she turned it out once again at the Two Year Anniversary of Chilidog on Tuesday night. Time will tell how her show will blow over, but one thing is for certain, you will be hearing about it from me come this time next week!

While mother Salad was hard at work putting together her solo-in-the-spotlight moment, The Castro was turning over on its heels in preparation for a party they anxiously do not want to happen! That’s right, folks! It’s the haunting season once again, and the regulators in the Stro are hoping once again not to see you there. In fact, you may receive your very own “Glad you aren’t here!” postcard from the Castro Merchants and City Officials extremely soon. They are planning once again to crack-down on the roustabout freaks who normally patronize and fag-bash the neighborhood, and instead invite them to the ballpark so that they can see the likes of Latin Dance Super-Stars and Michelle Williams ( she isn’t even confirmed!) in a parking lot! God times, I am sure. Many are skeptical of the likelihood of this night avoiding Catastrophe. However, there is no hesitation the whatever the situation, controlling a scene in the Castro on a Friday Night will be an uphill battle!

While the powers that be are preparing to fight the masses, who will be leading a very special Mass at House of Salad night? Who went though hell and high water to get the Honey Soundsystem crew their own float at Lovefest? Which Pornstars announced their new love on-stage at the Raging Stallion Folsom VIP Party, and who blacked out at Man-quake’s one year anniversary across town. Well, mary’s, I had my eyes all over the place, but I can’t tell you a thing. Unfortunately, it turns out I was too shitfaced to realize that maybe this one time I shouldn’t make a Pinkyswear!