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Sarah Reed of The Husbands

Married to the Music

The amps are loud, the drums pound, and theyíre not afraid to get a little bloody. San Franciscoís throwback garage girl group The Husbands is returning to the stage for local promoter Michelle Cableís Panache Farewell Soiree on July 21. The Husbandís vocalist/guitarist Sarah Reed spoke with SF Station.

SF Station (SFS) : If The Husbands were a hot rod, what kind of hot rod would they be?

Sarah Reed (SR): We would probably be a beater, but it could be an oxymoron to be a beater hot rod. I donít know. We always drove a Dodge Dart Sport. Itís like a Nova, but more like a muscle car. Thatís what we would be. Sadie and I drove in one across the United States.

SFS: What do you do when you are not being a Husband?

SR: I work and play music. Iím in another band and I like to play around. Sadie makes movies, and Casey works and I think she is a pretty avid reader.

SFS: What is the other band that you are in?

SR: Iím in a soul band called Her Grace The Duchess.

SFS: What do you think about Amy Winehouse and the soul sound she is bringing to the mainstream?

SR: I like most of what Iíve heard of her. I think she sounds pretty cool. Iím pretty into Sharon Jones and Daptone records and stuff like that.

SFS: Iíve noticed that The Husbands are bloody in a lot of pictures. Are you accident-prone?

SR: (laughs) Maybe, but the reason for the bloody pictures is Sadie and I have always been big fans of gory movies. Sadie has always been fascinated with doing gore makeup and itís just fun for dress-up and our movie obsession.

SFS: What are some of your favorite movies?

SR: Iíve always really loved The Omen 2. I really love Battle Royale, which is a newer Japanese movie. I like zombie movies, Dawn of the Dead, and stuff like that. I guess I like all kinds of scary movies, but as far as classic movies go, I like slasher movies and movies that are more campy.

SFS: Does that translate into your music?

SR: I guess it does. The subject matter of our music tends to be about as complex as a horror film or an old movie. The points are not complicated and there is not a lot of heavy irony. Itís pretty direct.

SFS: Is the band working on any new material?

SR: We probably have half our third record written at this point. We havenít intentionally taken a break from writing. We just havenít gotten around to writing a lot of new songs because we have been playing gigs so much, and weíve just been keeping our songs ready to play. Weíre not playing as many shows now, so we should have more time to work on new songs.

SFS: Are your new songs in the same vein of what you have done before or are they different?

SR: So far, it seems like weíve gotten a little less punk and have more of a girl group sound, but I think that is just because that is what weíve been listening to lately. I donít think we would want to put out a record if it didnít have more punk songs on it.

SFS: What else is coming up for you?

SR: Weíre just looking forward to touring and putting out another record.

SFS: Do you spend a lot of time on the road?

SR: We do one big tour a year and a few little West Coast tours. If it ever got easier, we would probably do it more often.

SFS: What is the hardest part about touring?

SR: You have to miss work and so far we barely break even. Itís a lot of work without a huge payout except, of course, getting to play for people, which is why we do it.

The Husbands and several other bands perform at 12 Galaxies on July 21st. Doors open at 8pm, the show starts at 9:30pm and tickets are $5.