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Sarah Delush

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Ever since going to raves and falling in love with bass in the '90s, Sarah Delush knew she has wanted to be a DJ. After moving to San Francisco to work for XLR8R magazine 11 years ago, she got her chance by meeting motivated and talented people. She recently chatted with SF Station about her playlist and the club scene. Catch her at her latest weekly, Hot Ní Sweaty, Fridays at Bambuddha Lounge.

SF Station (SFS): Any story behind the DJ moniker?

Sarah Delush (SD): Hehe, a few rumors here and there. I actually used to DJ under the name Seraphim when I played drum n' bass. I changed to Sarah Delush (pronounced Duh-lush) when I started playing other types of music ó ghettotech, electro, etc.

SFS: What do you usually like to play to the get crowds moving?

SD: Iím not gonna give up any trade secrets here! I do have a formula, however, and big bass junk doesn't hurt. My goal is to make you shake your ass by the third track.

SFS: Can you share with us what's on your current personal playlist?

SD: I'm all over the place right now. I love electro, hip hop, indie, and yacht rock; it just depends on what mood I'm in. I'm super into tropical and Iím playing it at my new weekly, Hot N' Sweaty.

SFS: What venues do you like to frequent in San Francisco?

SD: Mezzanine, Vessel, Bootie at DNA, Milk, Underground SF, and currently Bambuddha Lounge. I especially love playing at loft and warehouse parties, or anywhere outdoors. It's always epic and out of the ordinary.

SFS: How about places outside of SF?

SD: Anywhere in NYC where I can play for all my East Coast friends who I miss dearly. I also love LA. I'm headed to Florida to DJ next month with Mario Muse, and possibly Detroit.

SFS: What do you think about the recent crackdown on nightlife here?

SD: It's BS. The kids just wanna dance. Hasn't everybody seen Footloose?

SFS: What would you like to see in terms of changes in the club scene?

SD: More champagne and HJ's behind the DJ booth. No, but seriously, we should be able to stay open until at least 4am. I love seeing people motivated in the scene who really care about it. Personally, I'd love to see live acts and DJs play together more, and definitely more spandex, and more lazers, and better sound. Can we make the bass go louder? I want to feel it in my teeth.

Catch Sarah DeLush at Hot Ní Sweaty, Fridays at Bambuddha Lounge.