San Jose Center for Spiritual Living

1195 Clark Street, San Jose, CA
+1 408.294.1828
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Religion, Spiritual Center
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The Center (CSLSJ) offers practical, spiritual tools for anyone seeking a deeper connection with God, Spirit, a Higher Power, or Universal Truths – in other words, we are here for you! Regardless of your religious or spiritual background, at CSLSJ you’ll find the inspiration that will deepen your connection with the Divine, enhance your spiritual journey and recalibrate your life.

We are a diverse, inter-generational community that honors all paths to God. The Center provides a safe, uplifting place for those who consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.” We offer practical spiritual applications for daily living based on ancient wisdom and spiritual traditions from around the world In other words, a church “for the rest of us.”
We believe that we are co-creators with the Divine and that you can change your entire life by changing your mind! Together we enjoy a sense of caring, ease and fun. Join us – chances are you’ll find people just like you!