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We are a Podiatrist office located in San Carlos Ca. 

Our office has two aspects regular podiatric medical, and a Cosmetic side.

For the medical side of our practice we treat all foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis, broken bones, in-grown toenail, toenail fungus.  We also have the new laser treatment for toenail fungus go to for details.  Orthotics are prescribed thru our office.

On the cosmetic side we do the Zap That Fungus, Fillers for the Feet, Nail Restoration, and Pedipeels.  Additionally, we run a medically sterile nail salon in our office called Peace of Mind Pedicure and more.  Where you can get all nail salon services, such as manicure and pedicure, with out the fear of getting a fungal infection.  This service is available for both men and women.  Men are even a little more comfortable because it is not a traditional salon setting.  Medical pedicures and manicures.

Fillers for the Feet
- Treatment for painful feet caused by the loss of fat padding.  The treatment is a bio-compatible injectable substance.

Nail Restoration
- Temporary coating to cover or protect unsightly nails.

Pedi Peels - Similar to a facial to peel the outer layer of skin.  Helps with painful cracked feet, and atheletes foot.