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Sacred Space Healing Center

An Oasis of Urban Wellness

Face it -- all of us are living, breathing bags of nutrients that allow for our subsistence in an often contaminated world. With that toxic environment, we are also living, breathing bags of chemicals, pollutants, drugs, bacteria, and other harmful substances that affect our health, no matter what wellness trends we may choose to follow. The Lower Haight's celebrated Sacred Space Healing Center, a holistic retreat space that specializes in holistic health needs, is more than game for the challenge of wringing out your toxins and making you fully aware of the many ways in which you'd benefit from one of their intense cleansing programs.

Offering novel alternatives to the typical detox program, Sacred Space offers a plethora of detoxification programs, fasting retreats, transformative dance retreats, sauna treatments, classes ranging from pilates to kundalini yoga to kung fu, and massage certification. In addition to offering thorough health assessments by examining customers' blood, the center offers spiritual counseling, which tends to go hand in hand with Sacred Space's rigorous cleansing programs --which are just as much about your body as your overall existence in the world.

Sacred Space's health assessments test your overall toxicity and exposure to drugs and harmful chemicals in your environment. A staff nutritionist will ask you detailed questions about your medical background, exposure to drugs, the foods you eat, and the general environment that surrounds you. The test and questions take about an hour and a half, with plenty of follow-up appointments that will give you a complete picture of where your body' is at. The next step is Sacred Space's individualized self-healing program, which a staff nutritionist will design to fit your body's needs.

Sacred Space is perhaps best known for its sauna detox retreat, which is a residential program that lasts anywhere from a few days to a month. Unlike regular detox programs, Sacred Space has an 80% success rate and is focused on removing traces of toxins from clients' bodies, which stay in fat cells for years. During the detox retreat, visitors can take unlimited classes in yoga, meditation, martial arts, and other movement offerings that facilitate healthy lifestyles. You also get two complimentary massages from a slew of talented therapists; the offerings range from lymphatic drainage to aromatherapy to couples massage. And of course, the retreat wouldn't be complete without its gorgeous garden sauna (also open during communal hours). It's a Finnish-style wet/dry sauna attached to a top-notch sound system, allowing dreamy tunes to waft in as you get your treatment. Finally, the retreat includes daily meals and supplementation, which are specially designed to deal with your body's personal nutrient depletions due to harmful chemicals or drugs that have been introduced into your system.

For those of us with full time jobs who don't have the luxury to devote our time to an all-out retreat, Sacred Space also offers a day program, aptly entitled the Interval Makeover Program, in which cleanses are administered at your convenience, in your home. Cleanses include the kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, liver cleanse, intestinal cleanse, environmental toxins/toxic metals/smokers and drug detox cleanse, oxygen therapy, and pro-biotic therapeutics (which removes harmful bodily bacteria that contribute to fatigue and depression).

For those who are more concerned with integrating spiritual practices into their life and less interested in Sacred Space's detox programs, the center offers a slew of workshops and special events, including regular meditations, shamanic healing work, and a Native American sweat lodge ceremony.

Very few of us will actually spare the time or effort to make right some of the things that are terribly wrong with our bodily health. All the same, you can never be too fastidious about your well-being, and Sacred Space is one place that is sure to deliver a unique pampering experience as well as a transformation in the way you think about what you put into your body on a daily basis--and how this has the capacity to affect you in all aspects of your life.