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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Although not claiming to be a veteran DJ by any means, S-T3RRA already has a lot under his belt. While most of us were graduating high school at 18, at the same age, S-T3RRA is spinning electro jams from here to LA, and soon worldwide. Mixing tunes by Empire of the Sun and opening for acts like The Toxic Avenger, there’s no denying that there has to be something brewing in this young DJ. He recently spoke with SF Station about his musical lifestyle.

SF Station (SFS): How long have you been DJing and how did you get into it?

S (S-T3RRA): I’ve been DJing for about two years; I got into it when I saw Diplo spin. His set was so ridiculous and amazing, I knew it was my destiny!

SFS: How did you choose what genre to DJ?

S: I didn’t really pick a genre specifically. I kind of just fell into it and started playing electronic.

SFS: What’s the inspiration for your name?

S: Well for some of you Latin geeks terra means earth. The title of my forthcoming EP is Terraformd since my recent journey in electronic music is the culmination and formation of my musical influences.

SFS: Do you ever get any grief about your age?
S: I am a youngster but I have never really gotten any grief. Maybe some of the older, wiser DJs might have something to say to me, but in general everything has been cool.

SFS: Who have been some of your favorite people to DJ with?

S: Beside some of the big names, in all honesty, it has to be my close friends that DJ. We have rocked many house parties together and have had some very memorable nights.

SFS: What's on your current playlist?

S: Midnight Juggernauts, Autokratz, Steed Lord, and of Montreal. Anything with a tasty melody!
SFS: You recently played on Pirate Cat Radio, how was that experience?

S: It was cool; the people were really nice and seemed into what I’ve got going on. I will definitely come back a second time.

SFS: Do you DJ full-time now? How long do you see yourself doing it, ever wanted to expand to LA or NY?

S: I am a full-time DJ and producer. I have already played in LA — soon to go back — and hopefully one day will play in NY. I am actually working on playing some shows in France right now.

SFS: So what’s your motto?

S: Fuck it, do it live!

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