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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Masters of the underground disco-partying universe, Eric D. and Thomas, more commonly known as the duo Rub-N-Tug, bring the heat and fun to everything they touch. Whether itís their famous underground party or making mixes for artists like Zero 7 and Coldplay, they have influenced the international party scene with their engaging production and ability tear dance floors apart with their rock-disco sound. Donít miss these infamous NYC troublemakers at SOM on October 22th for the last FACE party of the year! They gave SF Station an update in an email interview.

SF Station (SFS): When did you guys meet?

Rub-N-Tug (RT): 1997 in Los Angeles at a party thrown by Paul T. of Sarcastic Disco. He had Harvey and Thomas playing.

SFS: How did you link up with the Sarcastic Disco crew?

RT: Eric grew up with Paul Takahashi, the inventor of the Sarcastic, in Los Angeles.

SFS: What's it like working with DJ Harvey?

RT: Harvey's directly connected to the eternal source of all things funky, and he is a pretty good drummer for someone who doesn't own a kit.

SFS: What's one of the more memorable remixes you have done recently, since you guys have mixed everyone from LCD Soundsystem to Coldplay?

RT: Probably the Sly Mongoose one. (

SFS: How would you explain underground disco? Does it have a bigger following internationally?

RT: Well, like most cool things born in America, disco gets more attention overseas. People tend to take things for granted here. But who knows, now that the Internet is king? Information is so easy to get these days, it kind of takes the fun out of it in a way.

SFS: If you could recreate a party from any era, what would it be?

RT: Definitely the early Rub-N-Tug parties around the turn of the century. There was nothing like those parties ó sex, dance, drugs, fights, playing in a loft with boarded up windows until noon. It was out of control!

SFS: What's something you are looking forward to doing in SF this time? You havenít made an appearance for 3 years!

RT: We're a little more evolved these days; a little mescal and some friendly faces will do it.

Havenít had enough? Listen here: