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Sandwiches That Stand the Test of Time
By Roseanne Pereira (Apr 06, 2005)
A line of people forming out the door was the first clue that there was something special on Market Street. Then the smell of salty, hot pastrami hit, and the cravings began. Quincy's, a sandwich spot only open for lunch, is old, tattered, and famous for its no-frills, great-tasting sandwiches. More »
For A New Asian American Outlook, Head Under The Rainbow
By Roseanne Pereira (Feb 03, 2005)
"Under the Rainbow" written and directed by the renowned Philip Kan Gotanda hits us from multiple angles. Presented by the Asian American Theater Company, the two one-act plays take typical racial identity issues and reframe them in interesting and novel ways. More »
In Goodwill, Family Serves Up Food Without A Fuss
By Roseanne Pereira (Jan 18, 2005)
A cup of tea, a bowl of homemade chicken soup to calm one's nerves -- this warm and soothing fare is where Jitters and Shakes hits the spot. Attached to the Goodwill store on South Van Ness between Mission and Market, Jitters and Shakes is a breakfast and lunch cafť and deli. More »
Roseanne Pereira's Articles
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