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Ron Reeser

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

DJ Ron Reeser has been involved with music since an early age. Playing everything from piano to drums, and even xylophone, his musicality has led him to a successful DJing career. A Bay Area native destined to top Sirius Radio's BPM and Beatport, Reeser shares with SF Station his accomplishments and plans for this year.

SF Station (SFS): How did you connect with Ultra Records?

Ron Reeser (RR): A friend of mine, Nick Terranova, a.k.a. Starkillers, introduced me to the A&R at Ultra Records. He caught wind of our music, and the rest is history.

SFS: What has your experience on the label been like?

RR: Ultra is a really great family to be a part of. It's given myself and my colleague Dan Saenz a way to expose our music to the masses. I feel humbled to be part of a label with the caliber of artists/producers they associate with some of whom are the biggest names in dance music. Im excited to see what the future holds with Ultra Records.

SFS: What has geared you more towards house/electro rather than hip-hop/mashups?

RR: Many years ago, I began as a scratch DJ, transitioning from DJ Battles into hip-hop and mainstream radio. Ive had my fair share of that sound. It was after attending clubs such as the Sound Factory, DV8, Remedy, and the Funky Tekno Tribe parties when it all clicked. Seeing the way people responded to a 4/4 kick drum, big buildups, and a funky groove made me view DJing and music differently. I appreciated how the vibe of house music captivated the crowd; I was instantly hooked. It felt like the right direction to go and the next step for me to grow musically.

SFS: How do you usually decide which songs to remix?

RR: It usually starts from the type of projects that come our way. I try to pick songs that are really catchy and grab my attention right off the bat; something that we can potentially turn from good to great. I personally like working with vocals. As a remixer it just gives you a lot more to work with in terms of creativity. Not to mention, the shelf life of an actual song tends to have a bit more longevity.

SFS: So many great opportunities and collaborations seem to find their way to you. What has been one of the defining moments of your career?

RR: As a producer, seeing a song grow and come to life from my studio to the airwaves.
As a DJ, Id have to say playing at Candlestick Park for an event called Metropolis in the summer of 2001 in front of 25,000 people. Im looking forward to many more moments like that soon.

SFS: Why do you think the track "Everything" became such a fantastic and great hit?

RR: I think it was a combination of sultry lyrics, a catchy melody, a nice groove, and faith. Aside from those elements, I feel people were also able to relate lyrically to what Myah Marie wrote and sang about.

SFS: How did it feel to see the track hit the No. 1 spot on BPM?

RR: Im very thankful people enjoyed the song enough to help it get to that spot.

SFS: What are you looking forward to at WMC?

RR: All the new music, great events, label meet and greets, and networking. I feel its going to be a great year for music in general at WMC. Stylistically music has changed so much over the last two years thanks to artists, such as David Guetta, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Kaskade, and LMFAO, who have helped fuse and expose electronic/dance music to the mainstream audience. It is definitely helping house music continue to grow here in the U.S.

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