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ROMP: Late Night Party Venues

After the Witching Hour

The muckety-mucks of San Francisco’s entertainment hierarchy have seriously asked themselves whether or not we still qualify as an “international city” based on the fact that our late night entertainment has been scaling back since the dotcom bust. The urban myth behind this notion is that a lot of SOMA properties, once hosting bars and clubs, got converted into chic, modern live-work lofts, to which the successful Gen-X flocked.

Fast-forward half a dozen years, and if they are still residents, they are now complaining about the noise made by the clubs, appalled at the presence of Porta-potties, and wish the crowds would just go elsewhere. The beloved old Club Townsend is now a Wal-Mart.

The trend is to lend out club venues to promoters, who act as hosts for a particular party. The promoter then pulls permits for late night extensions, usually allowing dancing until 4. Rarely will a club stay open past 4, but it is not unheard of.

One of the most popular club nights is Bootie at the DNA Lounge on the second Friday of the month. Hosted by Rebel DJs Adrian & the Mysterious D, Bootie was the first “Mashup” bootleg party in the United States, launched in San Francisco in 2003, and was voted the Best Dance Club in the 2006 Guardian's Reader’s Poll. (

Crash Fridays at Club Crash features cutting edge hip hop music with a stylish blend of mash up sounds. Each of the 3 levels features a different music style -- Hip Hop, R&B, Mash Up, and Club Hits -- engineered by the Bay’s most requested DJs. Level 1features a comfortable environment for mingling and lounging. Level features an ultra lounge dance floor featuring state-of-the-art LED lighting and sound. Located at 34 Mason Street, which hosts other events as well. (

Ruby Skye's exquisitely appointed facility was built in the 1890s and is a historical landmark that formerly housed “The Stage Door Theatre”. The Victorian Playhouse was restored with high tech accoutrement to present a striking juxtaposition between its original Art Nouveau architecture and its plush modern furnishings. Ruby Skye offers over 15,000 square feet and 4 distinctively different areas to enjoy. You have to check their calendar for events. (

The Stud Bar, a classic that has been a favorite for many a decade, is located at Harrison & 9th. It goes late with no dress code. Especially hallowed for its Tuesday night Trannyshack event, it is unpretentious, but a bit of a tight fit. (

Finally The End Up is the ultimate in after-hours venues. It is open almost all weekend without close. The music played only ranges from gay house to very gay house and the crowd by Sunday afternoon sometimes resembles an ensemble cast from Night of the Living Dead; the club should be protected with landmark status because it has served the night-stalkers for three decades… Open until 4am most days, 5:30 on Friday nights, opens at 5amon Sundays. (