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Rob Bloomfield of Does it Offend You, Yeah?

A Band on the Offensive

UK electro-rock group Does it Offend You, Yeah? brings its dance party back to San Francisco less than two months after opening for Bloc Party at The Fillmore. This time the group, which has been touring nearly constantly since the release of its debut LP You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into was released in March, visits the Great American Music Hall for a headlining slot on September 18th. Drummer Rob Bloomfield spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from the road near Washington, D.C.

SF Station (SFS): Are you enjoying your newfound success?

Rob Bloomfield (RB): People keep saying we are successful and big, but it doesn’t feel any different -- except we are in America now. If people think we are successful, I’m sure we are. I wouldn’t say that we live in big houses yet.

SFS: The buckets of money are not coming in?

RB: That would be nice. A swimming pool and a house on "Cribs" would be cool.

SFS: There are a lot of electronic dance-rock bands out now. Do you pay attention to what other bands are doing?

RB: We have been purposely kind of ignoring everything in music recently because we don’t want to copy anyone on the next album. We are going to go in whatever direction it takes us this time and not go with any trends or anything. I’m not sure if the next album is going to be along with the French-electro thing. It’s going to be different.

SFS: Do you find that influences subconsciously creep into your songs if you listen to a lot of other music?

RB: I think it’s inevitable to keep up with trends. We were warned by someone who is in a band who said, ‘If you try to write music that is current and cool, you are just going to get lost and stuck in a rut. You should really always write music that you find exciting because that is the reason you got into it in the first place.’ You can’t just do what’s expected and give them what they want. We don’t want to go down that road. We want to surprise people.

SFS: When are you going to work on the next album?

RB: At the moment, we are trying to find a location. We might record in a disused nuclear bunker in the UK.

SFS: That might add more energy to your sound.

RB: Yeah, we’ll come out glowing.

SFS: Do you do a lot of writing on the road?

RB: Yeah, we all do. We all have music software.

SFS: Do you collaborate?

RB: On the road, we are in our own little world with headphones on. Everyone is tired and grumpy, so it’s hard to collaborate. We all collaborate in the studio

SFS: Do you feel more pressure now that you are better known?

RB: I think the pressure is off, actually, in terms of creativity. When we started, everyone expected us to be an electro band. For the next album, we feel like an open book.

Does it Offend You, Yeah? performs September 18th at Great American Music Hall. Tickets are$13. Doors open at 8pm and the show starts at 9pm.