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Right At Your Door

Apocalypse Now

Playing on the post-9/11 fears that have already spawned at least one paranoia-induced phenomenon -- Keifer Sutherland’s "24" – Right At Your Door explores a doomsday scenario that is by now familiar: Los Angeles has been struck by the detonation of dirty bombs that leave its citizens covered in toxic ash and dangerously contagious. Lexi (Mary McCormack) is caught in the midst of the chaos; her husband, Brad (Rory Cochrane) is trapped at home, frantically hoping to learn her whereabouts but powerless to do more.

It is a tense and compulsively engaging premise, and writer-director Chris Gorak, who previously made his mark as the production designer for Lords of Dogtown and Blade: Trinity, plays it to the fullest effect. Lexi and Brad are presented as nothing more than the average married couple, mired in the dull normalcy of their everyday routines. When those routines are thrown viciously out of whack, panic ensues.

That, of course, is the lurid appeal of Right At Your Door. When Lexi finally stumbles home, coughing up a lung and clearly infected, Brad is forced to choose between passion and common sense – not an easy decision, but one necessitated by the unexpected gravity of the moment. It is a moment born from calamity, which Gorak depicts in frighteningly graphic fashion. The result is a timely apocalyptic thriller that leaves you reeling.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars