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Arkas Global Group was created after many years of experience in the country and abroad,basing its activities on a careful analysis  of all aspects, economic, social, cultural,  which is essencial for companies wishing to start or expand an activity in another country.

Un team con competenze multidisciplinari e una solida formazione in campo internazionale e`pronto a seguirvi passo dopo passo nelle importanti scelte strategiche che contribuiscono al successo di un`impresa in uno scenario economico.
A team with multidisciplinary skills and a solid training on international level is ready to follow you step by step in the important strategic decisions that contribute to the success of a company in the economic scenary.

Con uno sguardo sempre attento ai mutamenti e un patrimonio di conoscenze ed informazioni altamente specializzato e up-to-date,la AGG affianca i suoi clienti come un vero partner morale,apportando motivazione e forza in tutti i processi di problem-solving e di scelte strategiche volti al raggiungimento di risultati di successo e high performance. With a watchful eye to the changes, a wealth of knowledge and a highly specialized and up-to-date source of  information,  AGG supports its customers as a true moral partner, bringing motivation and strength in all processes of problem-solving and strategic choices to achieve successful results and high performance.