Re~set with M.Gervais

Event has passed (Sat Feb 19, 2011 - Sat Feb 19, 2011)
10pm - 5am
Clubs, Underground Club
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M.GERVAIS [Minneapolis / USA]

Hailing from the icy tundra of Minneapolis, Timefog label boss Mike Gervais has been impacting the electronic music community since the 90's. In those early years he absorbed a splattering of warehouse parties, walls of bass, The Drop Bass network and their "Furthur" parties, a slew of early Richie Hawtin performances, and the beginnings of a tightly knit community in Mpls. In 2002 he connected with Intellephunk productions and went on to produce successful events premiering Magda, Matthew Dear, Gaetano Parisio, Marco Carola, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, The Kooky Scientist, Hyperactive, and more. Throughout the years he's been a critical part of the underground Minneapolis community and contributed to Richie Hawtin's events in Detroit and Drop Bass events in Wisconsin.

These strange sounds, places, and experiences led him behind the turntables in 1998. Mike quickly mastered the basic skills behind the turntables and pushed for more. Never satisfied with standing still, he continually modified performances with new ideas and technology. In 2003 he took a giant leap and became an early adopter of the Final Scratch technology. It was not long after he ditched turntables all together in favor of the greater control offered with his digital performance rig. Since then Mike's mastering of Native Instruments Traktor, Ableton Live, and unique controller combinations has kept him on the razors edge of performance and brought him all over North America.

Early in 2008 Mike took an important step into the never ending universe of producing under the alias M.Gervais. After only a handful of releases, his music has been charted and played by heavy names like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Camea, Tim Xavier, Dustin Zahn, Bryan Zentz, Tommy Four Seven, Dave Clarke and on. During that same year, the label Timefog was born through a series of amazing events and experiences between close friends. Timefog has slipped onto radar of the electronic music community across the world. From the first release with Bruno Pronsato to connections with Los Angeles and Droid Behavior to the amazing release from DVS1 to the new scout in Berlin, M.Gervais and Timefog are on the lips of the people you know. Keep your eyes open.


Born and bred in troubled times in the Northern Irish City of Belfast, Si Moore aka Superkonduktor found solace and passion deep underground at the early age of 15 at the famed club 'Shine'. The venue combined a safe haven for young music lovers in a confused city and quickly evolved into one of the most infamous underground techno clubs in Europe. With influence from American based artists such as Green Velvet, Simon developed an initial love of harder percussive house, though as time moved on he discovered the complexity of modern minimal techno through artists such as Richie Hawtin and Adam Beyer.

Fascinated by how the music was designed and performed, it was not long before watching and listening was simply not enough and Superkonduktor saved up for his first set of turntables. The next number of years were spent hosting small parties in the UK and frequenting the bigger venues to sample the finest performances in clubs such as Fabric, the End, and the Glasgow Arches. After several transatlantic moves, he has set up base in San Francisco, producing and running events such as U-Bahng (USA and UK) and Re~set (with his production partner Rodrigo Quinonez) featuring young creative artists on labels such as Perc trax, Auarlism, Drumcode, Berghain, Droid Recordings, Osgut Ton.

His sound ranges from slower, subby, dark, ear catching textures to more driving big room techno.


Rodrigo is definitely someone who should be listened to closely. Influenced by a wide variety of music -ranging from deep house to much darker and assertive notes- he crosses many music styles, making his sound hard to pigeonhole. As a constant, his signature approach to heavy rhythm always pulses through.

At 14 he became aware of house and techno, consequently growing incredibly fond of electronic music. The idea of controlling/finessing sound surely became the main interest in his life and in the recent years he has dedicated his time to understanding audio technology. Along with a few like-minded artists he hosts the bi-weekly party 'SONUS' in Berkeley, CA with the intention of expanding the techno presence in the SF East Bay. By ignoring the bandwagon, he's kept true to a darker style, always administering a heavy drop in his groove. He continuously takes energetic sound home to El Salvador with his techno affair 'RE~SET'. Back there he's debuted at popular and curve-shifting weekly and monthly parties as well as much larger scale events held in San Salvador's nightlife hot spots. He's shared stages with renowned artists such as Carl Cox, Donald Glaude, Infected Mushroom, as well as some talented fellow locals both in the San Francisco Bay Area and EL Salvador. Adapting quickly to various crowds he's earned fruitful recognition.

Inevitably, the intent to draw from energy in subtleties has made innovation his main goal. Inspired by the continuous degree of experimentation in the techno/house realm and stirred by the on-going minimalist sounds, Rodrigo is always pushing himself think and step forward.


With a penchant for high quality intelligent and esoteric Techno and a record selection to back it up, Dima really has an in depth knowledge of music which is evident in his sets. Dima is one of the founding members of Teknokitchen which has gone from strength to strength holding on to the true essence of the underground in San Francisco providing consistently epic Techno parties to those who seek them out.


Milkplant was born in Cleveland, and soon after relocated to the outlying burbs of Milwaukee; a few hours north of Chicago. He eschewed the idea of being breast fed and started playing with modular synthesizers at the age of 1. Soon afterward he picked up his first 12" record. At the age of 2 he was rocking warehouse parties well before the word "RAVE" hit the American countryside. At the age of 3 he decided all this was rubbish and took a hiatus until the age of 19 when he thought it was a good idea to start playing records again. Then when he was 23 he had another brilliant idea and thought it was time to re-explore modular synthesis and rekindle his love affair with electronic music he gave up when he was 1. To this day it still appears to him as a big mistake. But as with everyone on planet Earth- a job's a job. Milkplant is the owner of Seattle/Oakland based forward thinking techno label 'From0-1.'


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