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Ratatat - LP3

Released on XL Recordings, 7/8/08

Twangy, trance-evoking, peaceful, melodic, tribal, upbeat, downbeat -- Ratatat’s latest album LP3 will not disappoint their electro-pop fans. The unique collaboration between Mike Stroud and Evan Mast that dates back to 2001 is -- in the duo’s own words -- "totally from the future, man!"

LP3 takes the listener on a "mood" journey -- from the downbeat rhythm of the album’s first released “Shiller” that could be used as the backdrop to the downtrodden, depressed scene from a B-grade art-house flick, to the seemingly video-game inspired “Falcon Jab” and the Latin strumming of “Mi Viejo”. There is literally a song to represent every emotion.
So…download the tracks, check out their upcoming state-side gigs and let these New Yorkers take you to infinity and beyond.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars