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Radio Birdman

The Real Deal

As rock and roll matures and the years march by more and more interesting stories develop. It has taken Australia’s Radio Birdman over three decades to unleash Zeno Beach the long-overdue new chapter in the aging aussies' story. With 70s garage punk influences as its bedrock, the writing and performances on Zeno Beach have matured along with the musicians. The results are no proto-punk museum piece, but rather vital new music that is worthy of a place alongside Radio Birdman's early gems.

Once considered contemporaries of the MC5 and The Stooges, the Birdman star didn’t rise very high and while they have maintained a cult following their early (74 - 78) output went thoroughly un-promoted and unnoticed in the U.S. However, thanks to a reunion show a few years ago Radio Birdman are back with an exciting and ferocious album and a first ever U.S. tour which stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, DC, Boston and New York starting this month.

Radio Birdman is, and always has been, independent of the mainstream music industry. The new recording, as well as their live performance schedule, is totally self-financed and self-directed. They see their independence as essential to maintaining complete artistic freedom. What you hear is solely the creative output of the band -- not a marketing strategy.

RB has a lot to show us and they’ve waited a hell of a long time to show it. Expect this tour stop to be one for the books; youngsters take note, this is what real rock ‘n’ roll looks like.

Radio Birdman
at Great American Music Hall, Aug 31, 8pm
Tickets: $20/$44.95 with dinner