R/SF Projects

1050 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.770.4996
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Arts, Gallery
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R/SF projects was founded in February 2016 in San Francisco’s Mission District as a curatorial project space for raw contemporary work, alternative projects, and offbeat programming from the Bay Area’s emerging talent. The gallery endeavors to champion true risk-taking among today’s cultural agitators, and to redefine the way viewers interact with contemporary art. The initial location hosted 46 events with over 70 collaborators in just three and a half months—situating itself as an ever-changing storefront of unconventional happenings, as well as a reinvigoration of the underground experimentation the city was once known for. R/SF has since expanded to a larger location in downtown San Francisco, amplifying its original mission to include a dynamic roster of emerging talent. Their range of cross-disciplinary practices exemplifies the gallery’s love affair with the generative nature of plurality, and imbuing art consumption with myriad points of entry. R/SF continues to incorporate intimate spur of the moment performances, sensorial artist dinners, discursive salons, and renegade projections; fixtures that entice new audiences and consistently offer new levels of critical engagement with the works on view.