New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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First Sundays at a cozy and quirky neighborhood bar quirkily called Sadie's Flying Elephant are reserved for the Q'vetsh Open Mic, San Francisco's longest running regular queer open mic.

In Yiddish, "k'vetsh" means to get together to whine and complain, and, in this setting, Q'vetsh is advertised as a queer blab session where you can dish to your heart's content. If this means revealing your personal life in full glory, then the Q'vetsh patrons are experts.

The night is just kicking off when co-host Lynn Breedlove brings her mother on stage to read a story about working in a munitions factory. Shortly after, co-host Tara Jepson pauses in mid-banter with Breedlove on the topic of masturbation and tells her she can't believe her mother's in the room. Breedlove shrugs and says her mother's heard it all before and continues without missing a beat.

The ease with which Breedlove and Jepson trade jokes and comments on topics like gender variants and interact with participants belies their performance backgrounds. Both hosts have been involved in Sister Spit, an ever-changing female performance collective that has been touring the United States for the past few years. At the end of the night, Breedlove also read from her new novel, Godspeed.

The decor of Sadie's mirrors the offbeat personalities that Breedlove and Jepson both exude while onstage. Sadie's main room is mainly purple and a mishmash of random items including a green lamppost, a painting of a bulldog, a popcorn machine, and an orange Christmas-light fixture. Some of the patrons are seated in the back room as well which boasts of chalk-covered walls, a piano and a video-game machine.

The artists are as varied as the decorations -- tranny novelists, gay poets, and lesbian short-story writers all get up to share their words and revelations with a relaxed and appreciative audience sipping drinks and munching on popcorn. The one thing everyone involved in Q'vetsh have in common is a tolerant and fun-loving attitude and a love for the word.

Sadie's Flying Elephant
491 Potrero (at the corner of Mariposa), SF, 415.551.7988
1st Sunday of the month, sign-up at 7:30 pm, show at 8 pm
$1 - $3 donation, over 21 only