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Q&A With Young L of The Pack

Laced Up and Ready to Roll

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    The ESPN SPORTS world is the place to be and the place for me The ESPN SPORTS world is the place to be and the place for me The ESPN SPORTS world is the place to be and the place for me

Already on their way to being the next hyphy sensation out of the Bay Area, The Pack made waves with the breakthrough song “Vans” -- an ode the famous skateboarding shoe company. Now the group is hoping to continue the momentum with its recently released EP Skateboards 2 Scrapers, a new shoe line and a forthcoming debut LP, which will feature a collaboration with crunk Atlanta brethren Dem Franchize Boyz. Rapper/Producer Young L spoke with SF Station during a phone interview.

SF Station (SFS): Have you heard any stories about stereos blowing up because there is so much bass on the “Vans” song?

Young L (YL): No…I haven’t heard anything like that.

SFS: How did you fit all of that bass in one song?

YL: I have a bass patch on Reason, the computer program that I use, and I always wanted to make a beat with it by fiddling around with the bass. I made the bass loop in about five minutes. It was a real fast process.

SFS: Has Vans contacted you since the song has gotten airplay nationally?

YL: We have a Pack shoe coming out. They are only making 500 pairs, but we’re trying to get them to make more. It’s going to be tight; it’s a SK8 High Classic style that says The Pack all over it. It’s going to be a rare find.

Vans has been showing us love. They have been giving us shoes, but they haven’t really cashed us out or anything. We still appreciate what they are doing for us and I’m pretty sure they appreciate what we did for them because we raised their stock over 100 percent or something like that.

SFS: Where do you skateboard when you are not making music?

YL: I used to skate a lot more when I was younger because I didn’t really have another hobby. When I started doing music, I stopped skating for like a year, but I’m back into it now.

A lot of spots got shutdown, but there are some nice ledges in Emeryville by the overpass. No bikers go there, so the ledges aren’t all chipped up. The Berkeley skate park is a regular spot that I am going to go.

SFS: Were you surprised when Too $hort got in touch with you?

YL: I thought Uno [another The Pack member] was lying because he said Too $hort was going to come to my house. I guess, Too $hort contacted Uno and said he wanted to meet up to discuss some business. He ended up coming to my house and he said that he wanted us to be his group. We told him, “It’s all good.” We couldn’t turn that down.

SFS: How’s the new album coming along?

YL: It’s cool. We haven’t done as much recording as we should be doing because, to be honest, people get lazy once they get popular. But, we’ve been picking it up a little bit.

SFS: You advertise on your Web site that The Pack will perform at high schools. Have you performed at any schools lately?

YL: We played at a couple of high schools and once at a college.

SFS: How were the high school concerts?

YL: High school shows are the craziest because we do them in basketball gyms. They turn off the lights and then we run around the whole basketball court while we do our verses. It’s like we are playing a game, but we’re just rapping.