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Q&A with The Besnard Lakes

A Spy Among Us?

The perfect spy is undetectable, capturing what he wants, never rising any suspicion. His goals are unknown as he lives two lives ó much like a musician. With The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Nights, the Besnard Lakes continue their conceptual theme of espionage. SF Station interviewed Jace Lasek, hoping to unveil the mystery behind the spy, before the group infiltrates the Independent for a show on May 10th.

SF Station (SFS): I read that for this album you had to cleanse yourself of your thoughts before starting the process again. What type of thoughts were you cleansing yourself of?

Jace Lasek (JL): With the first two records, Volume 1 and Dark Horse, we never had any intention of anybody ever listening to them. I wanted to approach this record in the same way, but it plagued me a little because I knew in the back of my mind there were going to be people listening to this record ó whether it was a 1,000 people or 10 people.

Once we sort of locked ourselves in there [the studio], and started making it, I started to get really confused with what it was that we were actually making. Thatís when I knew we were making something good, because I felt that way with Volume 1 and Dark Horse.

SFS: How did you know the album was going to be good because you were confused? What does that mean?

JL: I think the fact that I finally started making something that couldnít really be pinpointed in the modern genre of music. We were making something that was kind of strange, and I felt that we were on to something, something right.

SFS: One thing that is strange about your music is your fascination with spies. What is it that is so exciting about spies to you?

JL: It makes a really wide topic to sing about. I like the idea of the mystery of a person knowing things about the world that other people donít know, like a singular person being able to change the direction of world politics.

SFS: Do you ever feel like youíre a spy?

JL: No. [laughs] No, never.

SFS: I guess if you were you probably wouldnít admit it at this point.

JL: Yeah, exactly. Next question, thatís kind of weird.

SFS: Well maybe if itís a weird question than Iím on to something.

JL: [laughs] Maybe I am a spy. I canít talk about it. No comment.

SFS: No comment! Within your model, who is a public figure you might deem a spy whether literally or metaphorically?

JL: Thatís a good one. Iím not sure. Maybe Phil Spector was a spy.

SFS: Oh, he could hide a lot in his hair.

JL: Wasnít the guy who ran Studio 54, a spy for some sort of KGB. They made a movie about it.

SFS: I didnít know that.

JL: Itís this really cool story about this guy, and I think itís at Studio 54. He ended up dying mysteriously in a hotel room or something. Thatís pretty cool, because musicians have the same sort of experience. The ďFor Spy Turned Musician,Ē which is a song off the first record, Volume 1, they travel around all the time, seeing different parts of the world. They got to cross the country, and carry their passports with them.

In a way youíre sneaking around trying to hide your identity because people think youíre a nice person, you know. Or youíre masking your true identity like some people like to dress up and look weird ó David Bowie and his Stardust thing. So there are similarities between musicians and spies.

SFS: There is. Maybe we should return to the question Jace, are you a spy?

JL: No comment.

SFS: But again, I canít break you. Youíre good! Youíre good!

JL: Iíve been practicing.

SFS: Is there anything that listeners should be searching for hidden on Are the Roaring Night?

JL: Well there is Morse code on the record. Iíve never been able to figure out what it is because, of course, I donít know Morse code. I recorded it at one point from short waves and put it on the album, but I donít know what it means. It came from a radio transmission. Maybe somebody can tell me what that means?

SFS: My final question, when you do come out finally as spy, who would you be affiliated with, and what would be your mission?

JL: [laughs] I canít wait to read this article. I would probably be associated with the Black Lodge searching for evil.

The Besnard Lakes perform at The Independent on May 10th. Tickets are $12 in advance, and $14 at the door. Doors open at 7:30pm and show begins at 8pm.