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Q&A With Christopher Owens of Girls

A V-Day Homecoming

Since the release of the band’s excellent debut Album, San Francisco’s Girls has been in demand worldwide. The group, fronted by Christopher Owens, returns home for a sold-out Valentine’s Day gig at Great American Music Hall before jetting off to Europe for another tour. Owens spoke with SF Station for a phone interview from New Orleans.

SF Station (SFS): How is the tour going?

Christopher Owens (CO): It’s going really well. It’s sold-out shows every night, and I’m having a good time. It’s perfect.

SFS: You are performing on Valentine’s day. Does that holiday mean anything to you?

CO: It’s the two-year anniversary for our first show. It’s like the anniversary for our band.

SFS: That’s significant. Do you have any special plans for the show?

CO: Not right now, other than the bands that are playing with us, which are all really good. We might do something different, but I don’t know.

SFS: At this time last year you were heading up to Seattle to mix your album. Can you briefly sum up everything that has happened since then?

CO: We’ve just been on tour the whole time. We’ve been playing this entire year. It’s been exciting to see how the album was accepted, and I’m just looking forward to recording some more. Basically, all we are doing at this point is playing more shows all over the world. It’s a lot of work, and about enough excitement for us.

SFS: It looks like you will have at least a few more months on the road this year. Are you still enjoying touring?

CO: I enjoy it, but I would much rather be recording. You can’t record when you are tour. There is just a huge demand for us so we are doing the shows. I could have done one tour and I would have had enough. You don’t need to go on five tours back to back, which is what we have done, but that’s the biz. I could either do that or go back to the hotel where I was working. Those are the choices that I have.

SFS: Are you looking forward to anything during the few days you have off in San Francisco?

CO: Yeah, I just want to see my friends and sit in my room and walk around the city. That doesn’t seem like anything special until you never get to do it. That is really what I’m looking forward to — just doing nothing, really, and sitting around with the people that I miss. Maybe take a walk through Dolores Park.

SFS: What attracted you to San Francisco when you decide to move here?

CO: I just love the city, itself. It’s the only city in America that I like as much as I do. It’s just different, and it’s perfect for my tastes from an aesthetic and climate aspect. Those are the things that I really liked initially, then the size and age of the city and the nature. I think it’s the most beautiful city in American and the most European city in America.

SFS: Lyrically, one of the songs that stands out on the album is “Lauren Marie.” In that song you sing, “You’ve gotta try to wear a smile no matter how hard it can be to do.” Is that an outlook you subscribe to?

CO: Yeah, of course. Everything on those songs is something that I believe. I’ve never written any statement that I wouldn’t say again. Yeah, I definitely think that way, but I think it’s really difficult.

SFS: What helps you keep that outlook?

CO: Just knowing that there is the other side of the coin. There is no one thing that helps me to be happy. I started to think like that because if you don’t, it just gets pretty bad. If you go the other way, what are you going to do? You are going to end up depressed. You know what I mean? It just gets out of control.

SFS: Has there been a high point for you during the last year?

CO: The Amoeba show for the early release of the album was pretty good for us. It is one of my best memories, so far.

SFS: What stands out about that show?

CO: It was at home and the album was coming out two weeks before anywhere else. To me, it was just packed full of people who were there to see a free show. People bought the album and got it signed. It was the first time I got to see the album in the store and feel like we were a real band. It was really cool.

SFS: You first taste of rock stardom?

CO: I guess. It was just cool to see the album out with all the other albums hanging out.

Girls perform at Great American Music Hall on February 14th. The show is sold out. Doors open at 7:30pm and show starts at 8:30pm.