Priceonomics Content Marketing Conference 2017

Fri Oct 27
Kanbar Hall, Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
09:00 AM
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Welcome to the second annual Priceonomics Content Marketing Conference!

We're bringing together some of the best thinkers in the world to San Francisco to talk about content, marketing, and their intersection. 

Who's speaking at the conference so far? Here's a preview:

Conference Speakers 
Michael Seibel, CEO Y Combinator
Lisa Sugar, Founder of POPSUGAR
Gilad Lotam, VP of Data Science at BuzzFeed
Kim-Mai Cutler, VC at Initialized Capital and former TechCrunch writer/editor 
Rand Fishkin, Founder of MOZ
Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle
Rohin Dhar, Founder & CEO of Priceonomics

Also, for those of you interested, we'll be putting on a smaller workshop the day before about the "Priceonomics way" of turning data into content. You can attend that as well if you're interested.

Like last year's conference, we aim to deliver substance over fancy conference glitz. There won’t be a lot of superficial, feel-good fluff, talking heads speakers, or bells and whistles. Instead it will be an set of indepth seminars about the art and science of content from experts.

So what will these speakers be talking about at the conference?

Michael Seibel, CEO Y Combinator.  Michael will be talking about what he's learned about marketing by working with thousands of startups.

Lisa Sugar, Founder of POPSUGAR. Lisa will speak how POPSUGAR built its editorial voice and how your company can too.

Gilad Lotam, VP of Data Science BuzzFeed. Gilad will be talking about how Buzzfeed uses data.

Kim-Mai Cutler, VC at Initialized Capital and former TechCrunch Journalist Kim-Mai will discuss what she learned in her career in journalism and how that applies to companies and startups.

Rand Fishkin, Founder of MOZ.  Rand will be speaking about "10X content" and how to use content to compete in the modern SEO landscape.

Sam Parr, Founder of The Hustle. Sam will discuss how to build an email list with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Rohin Dhar, Founder & CEO of Priceonomics. Rohin is going to talk about how to use data to engineer viral content marketing.


Friday is the traditional conference with lots of speakers, panelists, and all the things you'd normally expect from a conference.

Thursday is a bit different, if you choose to attend. Thursday is an indepth session lead by Rohin Dhar (Priceonomics Founder & CEO) dedicated solely to turning data into content marketing.

Thurday Workshop

The focus is on how companies can create content that spreads, gets links and press mentions, and drives conversions. If you invest time and effort into content marketing, good things should happen when you publish something. Your company blog should not be a ghost town.

The goal of the day is to teach you everything we know about making and spreading content. 

Intensive Training Session Schedule (Thursday, the day before the big conference)

Part I: Make
1. Introduction: What are the types of content marketing that succeed?2. Sharing The "Secret" Priceonomics Templates.3. Diagraming the elements of the perfect content marketing blog post.4. Brainstorm: what topics should your company write about?
[lunch break: lunch will be provided]
Part II: Content Distribution
1. What are the channels where your content marketing can spread2. How to get media / links / press3. Social media run down: reddit, hacker news, facebook, twitter4. Conversion Tracking5. List building: email addresses, followers, media contacts


Tickets. There are three options for tickets. At the moment we have some heavily discounted early bird tickets so grab them while they're available.

Conference Ticket (Friday). $395 for the one day event at early bird pricing.

Conference Ticket (Friday) + Intensive Workshop (Thursday). $895 early bird pricing to attend the indepth workshop about turning data into content marketing plus the conference on Friday. 

Conference + Workshop  + Content Strategy Session with Priceonomics. $1295  two day ticket, plus a one hour “idea brainstorming and strategy session” with Rohin Dhar, founder of Priceonomics. This strategy session is a key part of the service we offer customers of the Priceonomics content marketing agency. The goal will be to come up with at least four concrete ideas for your company’s content marketing articles or blog posts and an implementation plan. The session can take place via video conference / phone or at the Priceonomics office in San Francisco. 


If your company wants to make content marketing that performs and learn from industry leaders, this workshop is right for you.
Any questions? Want to know about bulk pricing for sending a large group from your company to the conference? Send us a message at [email protected]


Cover image via Heavybit / Willy Johnson