Prepping for Online Food Retail with Betsy McGinn, E-Commerce Consultant

Wed Nov 15
The Archery
06:30 PM
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E-commerce represents one of the greatest retail opportunities for startup food and beverage brands. The barrier to entry for smaller brands in brick-and-mortar retail has been largely removed online by Amazon and other e-commerce retailers.In this workshop, we will look at the trends in e-commerce and explore why small brands are poised for a level of success that eludes larger, conventional brands. We will explore new ways to implement the four traditional components of a successful brick-and-mortar strategy ā€” product, pricing, placement and promotion. And to that we will add another important ā€œPā€ ā€” profitability, an often overlooked component of an e-comm strategy. Together, this information will position you to make important decisions about your next steps into the online world.Please note: The focus of this workshop will be on working through existing online retailers to find new customers for packaged food brands. We will not cover selling direct to consumers via your company website.About BetsyBetsy McGinn is founder and CEO of McGinn eCommConsulting, which provides expertise in eCommerce for CPG companies ranging from launch stage to $3 billion in sales. With more than 11 years of experience with and other strategic eCommerce partners, Betsy works with clients on launch and business optimization strategy, product and pack develop, problem resolution and ongoing management of their eCommerce business.Her eight years of eCommerce leadership at Seventh Generation provides Betsy with a unique perspective through the brand lens to guide clients in this complex channel. Additional multichannel experience in both the United States and Canada enhances the development of eCommerce strategy that balances the interests of all sales channels in order to manage channel conflict.


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