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Prefuse 73 - Security Screenings

Released on Warp, 2/02/06

It just makes sense that Guillermo Scott Herren A.K.A. Prefuse 73, would call Security Screenings a mini-album. With a total of eighteen tracks it features only two guest spots -- a complete dismissal of his previous album that boasted over fifteen assisted tracks forcing listeners to ask if their eclectic tastes now included hip-hop.

This time they chose to exclude vocal elements, and you are more able to appreciate Herren's impressive mastery of the mixed beat. Like a true bedroom producer, Herren's explanation of the album is both straightforward and a bit aloof, "It’s a collection of songs based on reactions to certain things that happened through the course of doing press, touring, and recording for the past year or so." Herren is also very open about the fact that this is only an interlude between two very different albums, one of which is yet to be made. This may explain why there is little to remember about this album as a whole. Its key saving point is its uncanny likeness to the catchy orchestral album Everything Ecstatic from Four Tet.

Prefuse 73 rides with fellow Warp label-mates to a destination that is not always the most interesting or lucrative, but the fact that Warp allows their artists the freedom to explore and grow gives us the unique opportunity to follow along on their journey.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars