Event has passed (Thu Oct 4, 2012 - Thu Oct 4, 2012)
Creativity Explored
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


(Pre)Fabricators is the first part of a groundbreaking three-phase project involving five Creativity Explored artists and a range of collaborators. Thanh My Diep, Christina Marie Fong, Camille Holvoet, Lance Rivers, and Natalie Spring, all of whom work in the CE studios, will be part of a unique partnership with curators, a team of students from California College of the Arts, IDEO, and Jack Fischer Gallery that will result in two exhibitions and the production of new works. (Pre)Fabricators, the exhibit at Creativity Explored, is phase one, and is a showcase of works by the five CE artists who will be participating in this exciting project. As selected by art critic, curator, writer, and educator Glen Helfand and San Francisco gallery owner Jack Fischer, the pieces reflect an energetic range of interests and sensibilities, as well as a cohesive sense of community.


  1. Creativity Explored
    3245 16th Street, San Francisco, CA