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Pot & Pantry

A Different Dispensary

Housed in what was once the Green Cross medical marijuana storefront is a new kind of pot dispensary. Instead of the sticky, green buds, at Pot & Pantry you can find the perfect pot to boil water for pasta.

Just a few weeks back, Donna Suh Wageman opened the shop on 22nd Street near Guerrero, right on the edge of the Mission and Noe Valley neighborhoods. It carries new and gently used kitchenware, accessories, and gadgets.

Donna proclaims herself a Pyrex hound, and the store does carry that brand of cookware, but she also likes to carry anything different and special, something with a story behind it. When possible, new items for sale in the store tend to be locally crafted and/or made of natural materials. Much of the used inventory has been scavenged from estate sales. There are plenty of options for great hostess and housewarming presents, or gifts for someone who loves to cook or bake.

Before she found this little nook on 22nd Street, Donna did a few stints at various retailers, including a few years as a buyer for Williams Sonoma. Her expert merchandising eye and creativity is apparent in the layout of the store. On my visit, she admitted she is still settling in, but already the decorative touches, like the vintage fruit crate labels set in a glassless frame and the O'Keefe & Merritt Stove, create an overall homey feeling in a space that otherwise could feel quite cramped.

Even the small assortment of classic cookbooks is more for adornment than anything else. It’s so cozy you want to sit down at the kitchen table set by the front door and settle in for dinner.

The store’s many kitchen accessories include table linens from local artist Katherine J. Lee’s collection, Playing from Home. Inspired by Katherine’s own original illustrations, the designs are intended to be both funny and beautiful, giving people pleasure from everyday objects. Choices include sets of napkins stamped with either four little pigs or leaf motifs ($40). There are also oven mitts stamped with the same leaf motif ($36), in addition to a café apron with a lightning bolt design ($50).

The pig motif subtly threads throughout the store. In addition to the napkins, there are paper prints of pigs and cows ($20), and a J.K. Adams cutting board made of hard maple ($32).

Other kitchen accessories include a lemon reamer made out of solid hand-cast aluminum with a polished finish from Beehive ($36), toast tongs so you can avoid electrocuting yourself fishing your bread out the toaster ($9), mortar and pestles from Milton Brook ($25), and chopsticks from Thai company ChaBatree ($26). There’s even a little mineral oil so you can care for your porcine cutting board ($9). For bakers, there are also biscuit cutters ($25) and Christmas cookie cutter sets ($25).

If you like mid-century glassware, there are a few items to choose from, including a CorningWare two piece casserole pot and dish ($50), in addition to Pyrex mixing bowls ($24) and a set of three storage containers ($40).

For caffeine junkies, a coffee wall features Skerton Hand-crank Coffee Mills ($40), and Buono Drip Kettles from Hario ($58), plus sugar, tea, and coffee containers ($20 each, $50 for a set of three).

In the next month or so you will be able to trade and sell your own classic baking and cooking goods in the store. Check back with the store soon for details.