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NBA Season

In the East, Miami and Detroit took care of business as expected while the Indy-Boston and Chicago-Washington are probably going seven. Here in the West, Phoenix, San Antonio and Seattle did what they needed to do, and the only series going deep is the Houston-Dallas series.

So let's talk about the winners:

Miami looked very tough and Dwayne Wade at times was, pretty much, Jordanesque. Shaq looked a little out of it as if he were struggling. The best benefit of the sweep is Shaq's getting his rest. Detroit also looked good against an Allen Iverson spectacular. They are looking tough. Phoenix handed Memphis their collective heads. And Ray Allen rightly turned some heads in Seattle's series with Sactown. San Antonio's biggest relief was seeing Duncan start to regain form. Man these are some good teams.

Of those still playing, the best team has to be Dallas who is facing another very tough team in Houston. Great series. The rest of the teams are just too weak to expect much more if they do win: Indy, Boston, Chicago and DC have no real chance of beating the East's big two.


This jury is still out on where Ray Allen goes when they play San Antonio. If you look back over the year, Seattle had great success against the Spurs. Will that continue to be the case? A lot of that will be determined by said Mr. Allen. Put Gnobli and Bowen on him and see how high he can fly.

Phoenix took it to Memphis. Can they keep playing that way as we move further in the playoffs? Nash has a way of imposing what he wants to do. He has a dog's heart, meaning that his motor just never stops. He wants to play fetch all day and night. Being the point guard, he won't let his team stop running.