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Pizzetta 211

Out in the Richmond fog, there is a pizza joint unlike any other. When the term "pizza joint" is said, it tends to conjure up images of sweaty men in white aprons tossing pizza dough in the air while other apron wearers dig their hands and long spoons into tubs of pepperoni and tomato sauce. Well, throw those expectations out the window, because Pizzetta 211 is an entirely different breed of pizzeria.

There's a nasty little wait to get in to this tiny restaurant, but there are indeed worse things than drinking Peroni with your friends in front of this attractive and welcoming restaurant. Once you're in and seated, you know why there's a wait. Thin-crust, medium-sized pizzas are delivered to tables around you that look and smell amazing. The menu changes often, and all of the ingredients are organic and seasonal. The constant is a basil and mozzarella that really is right on the money. Other exotic pies may be topped with egg, herbs, goat cheese, and a variety of fresh ingredients. The crusts are crisp and nearly perfect.

I got a little ahead of myself with the pizza, so let's go back to the starter course. The salads are amazing, and Pizzetta may be the anti-Betelnut. EVERYTHING contains cheese, including the self-titled cheese plate, featuring a number of tracks that you may not have heard before. The great part is that you can fool yourself into thinking it's not bad for you by combining the cheese plate with the salad. All them greens gonna healthy up that cheese!

Pizza and beer are always paired well together, and there's a short-but-quality selection of imported beer and beer of the darker varieties. However, at a place like Pizzetta 211 it's almost difficult not to order a glass of wine. There are a few middle of the road reds and whites from which to choose.

Overall, the package works. The help can get a little uppity at times, and that's a complaint I've heard more than once. And the wait can be long. But the food makes up for it, as long as you've got a good sense of humor. One more thing: Check out the bathroom when you're there. It's the nicest eating establishment bathroom I've ever seen. You'll know what I mean when you try it.