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By Peter Arcuni (Oct 27, 2012)
Take one part garage rock revival, fuse with two parts new wave, add a dash of punk, a few more pinches of post-punk, a drop of hardcore, dance pop, and a whole lot of attitude - mix - and sit back to enjoy the latest evolution of hipster-rock at Café Du Nord Friday, August 13th. Wait did I say, 'sit back?' I meant, 'Dance your asses, dammit!' More »
Been There, Done That, & Maybe I'll Do It Again - Released: Wichita Recordings, 8/23/05
By Peter Arcuni (Sep 21, 2005)
Listening to "Hey Scenesters!", the first track off the The Cribs' sophomore album, is a lot like watching one of those movies that condemns violence, at the same time being really violent and making it look all glamorous and sexy. With lines like "Hey, hey scenesters, you lot are in trouble now", "You know your scene has a lot to answer for," and "Take drugs, don't eat, have contempt for those you meet," the album reeks of hipster knocks, all the while sounding, at least on the surface, like a Strokes knock-off record. The irony might have been amusing had the album come out two years ago, but the backlash has come and gone... More »
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals: Cold Roses - released: 5.3 on Lost Highway
By Peter Arcuni (Apr 09, 2005)
Cold Roses, the latest and longest record to date from the notoriously prolific Ryan Adams, is far from perfect. It isn't terribly original sounding, nor is it a love-it-or-hate-it departure like 2003's Rock N Roll. He's got a brand new band, The Cardinals, but don't expect a full band version of the alt. country masterpiece Heartbreaker or a glossy rock record like his breakout, Gold. What Cold Roses is, then, is a fucking terrific album from a really talented songwriter just doing his thing. More »
Folk Artist in Residence
By Peter Arcuni (May 18, 2004)
The past few years have been big ones for Dan Bern. They saw the release of Dan's fifth full-length album with his new rock band The IJBC (International Jewish Banking Conspiracy), two folk driven EP's, and a host of tour dates throughout the country. It seems than Bern has no plans to slow down this summer, as Thursdays at 12 Galaxies belong to Dan for the next month. More »
A Familiar Underdog Story
By Peter Arcuni (May 15, 2004)
Rawson Marshall Thurber's new comedy starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller is merely the next incarnation of- wait let's back it up: who the hell is Rawson Marshall Thurber? The first time writer/director hits the scene with a rehashing of recent films such as Old School, Starsky and Hutch, and Zoolander. All of which feature (surprise, surprise) Vaughn or both Vaughn and Stiller. We've not only seen this one before, but with same cast nonetheless (I was half expecting the Wilson brothers to drop in for cameos). This time the underdogs are trying to save the Average Joe sweat-box from the clutches of a corporate gym owned by White Goodman More »
Disappearing Crap
By Peter Arcuni (Mar 30, 2004)
Director Barry Levinson (Good Morning Vietnam, Rain Man) teams up with Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and a crap dissolving spray called "VaPOOrize" in this seemingly funny new farce from DreamWorks. It's clear that Levinson doesn't have the spark he used to, but Envy has all the makings of a great dark comedy, and a fantastic first ten minutes. Tim (Stiller) and Nick (Black) are average Joes slaving away at a sandpaper factory until Nick has an idea for a new invention. Tim rejects Nick's offer to be partners and begins his downward spiral into the depths of jealousy when "VaPOOrize" becomes an overnight success. More »
A Little Patch of Heaven
By Peter Arcuni (Mar 02, 2004)
In the aftermath of Pixar's defection and the Eisner coup, Home on the Range shines through the Walt Disney Corporation's recent turmoil, delivering a fine throwback to classic animated features. More Peter Pan than Finding Nemo, it may be one of the last chances to catch a cartoon movie that doesn't look like it was made on the Mac More »
The Best of the Batch
By Peter Arcuni (Feb 19, 2004)
Director D.J. Caruso's Seven-esque detective thriller Taking Lives, starring Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke, opens this week in the wake of recent suspense busts Secret Window and last month's Twisted. More straightforward and familiar, Taking Lives is also the best of the new batch. More »
Even Mr. Depp can't keep this flick afloat
By Peter Arcuni (Feb 12, 2004)
Based on the Steven King novella, director David Koepp's (Stir Of Echoes) Secret Window is the story of Morton Rainey (Johnny Depp), a recently separated, scruffy-faced, closet-smoking struggling author. Rainey's cabin in the woods proves the perfect site to write his next book, escape his wife and her new boyfriend, and to be stalked by a crazed lunatic from Mississippi named Shooter (John Turturro) all while going insane. Shooter confronts Rainey about a short story he claims Rainey plagiarized years ago and gives him three days to prove he published it first…or eeeeelse. More »
Twelve Hours of Torture
By Peter Arcuni (Jan 25, 2004)
Director Mel Gibson's controversial cinematic interpretation of the last twelve hours of Christ's life is an attempt to bring The Gospel to the big screen. Gibson's angle is to show Christ's passion through his enormous suffering and the forgiveness he offers to his persecutors. The big questions on everyone's minds are whether the telling is accurate and whether the film promotes anti-Semitic sentiments. More »
Peter Arcuni's Articles
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