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Persephone’s Bees - Notes From the Underworld

Released on Sony, 8/29/2006

Rarely do hyped-up newcomers live up to lofty expectations, but with Notes From the Underworld, Persephone’s Bees do just that. Their sparkling debut is an eclectic mix of bouncy pop hooks (“Nice Day”), foreign-flavored surf rock (“Muzika Dlya Fil’ma”) and epic ballads (“Home”), all bolstered by Angelina Moysov’s seductive vocals and Tom Ayres’ infectious guitar licks. Their sugary concoctions may invite comparisons to fellow pop stalwarts Belle & Sebastian and Mates of State, but there is an unmistakable toughness behind those pretty, polished melodies, and a versatility to their sound that defies easy categorization. After working the San Francisco club scene for the past six years, Persephone’s Bees is ready to step into the national spotlight. Notes From the Underworld should put them there.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars