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Penthouse Grille

Sex and Steaks Return to Broadway

If "The Man Show" opened a restaurant - this would be it. With a décor that says decadence and a sideshow that says strip club, the Penthouse Grille is the ultimate destination for those whose list of favorite things starts with steak and ends with skin. The Grille, located above the Broadway Showgirls Cabaret (formerly the fine-dining strip club Boys Toys), is part of the space's multi-million dollar renovation by San Francisco-based I Studios and designers Mark English and Alessandro Miramare. With out-of-focus girlie glamour shots adorning the walls and raised booths for the high rollers, the look of the Grille is everything you'd expect it to be. What you may not expect, however, is four-star dining in this dancing queen friendly arena.

The VIP lounge and dining room serves up free-range meats for red-blooded patrons; seafood lovers will relish the ginger crab cakes and lobster tail. Chef Thomas Hogan (previously of food-forward raw restaurant Roxanne's) will happily accommodate any special dietary needs. The menu boasts an extensive selection of California wines, plus Hogan makes all breads and desserts in-house. The dark-chocolate seven-layered cake is proof enough that members of both sexes are welcome here. Be forewarned: for those who don't enjoy a side of exotic dancers with your entree, this restaurant is not the place for you. But for those who do -- whether you're there for the pole routines or the strawberry fondue for two, this steakhouse is sure to satisfy.