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Pansy Division - The Essential Pansy Division

Released on Alternative Tentacle, 1/24/06

The nucleus around which most quality rock revolves is comprised of rejection, rebellion, and rage. Joan Jett, the Clash, and countless others have spun anthems that eloquently (and angrily) convey their discontent and frustration. Yet, for one of the most misunderstood and maligned populations, there have been few (if any) rock bands to vent their frustrations.

This would all change in 1991 with the emergence of the gay rockers, "Pansy Division". It's hard to believe it's only been 15 years since the idea of a gay rock and roll band was a novel concept. With shows like "Will and Grace", "Ellen", "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", and numerous others one could argue that Pansy Division were groundbreaking in bringing gay rock out of the closet.

15 years of Pansy Division is revisited in The Essential Pansy Division. With 30 tracks of good, old fashioned fun, the Pansy Division offers something for everyone. The Pansy Division delves deep into insatiable horniness, fear of AIDS, and the myriad issues and absurdities that homosexuals are confronted with on a regular basis.

While there is plenty of frustration and rage vented in Pansy Division's plethora of tracks, Joe Ginoli and his wonder boys never take themselves too seriously and never lose their sense of humor. This is most clearly evidenced in lighthearted romps such as "Horny in the Morning", "I'm Gonna Be a Slut", and "Groovy Underwear". Conversely, Pansy Division explores more serious subject matter in "Dick of Death", "The Best Revenge", and "No Protection".

This talented group of pansies has assembled a solid compilation of their best tracks in The Essential Pansy Division. Independent of the decidedly gay subject matter, the majority of the tracks are catchy, well crafted, and often hysterically funny.

While Pansy Division doesn't do whirlwind tours anymore and a number of gay musicians have managed to achieve a certain amount of commercial success, one hopes that this group of gay wonders continues to plunge deep (forgive me) into the complicated and humorous gay lifestyle.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars