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Pamela Rose - Just for a thrill

Released on Three Handed, 1/10

In Pamela Rose's latest, Just for a thrill, we are treated to a sultry and seductive selection of both original and cover tracks that deftly weave a tapestry of bluesy jazz. Rose has entertained audiences in the Bay Area for years and with the release of Rose's fourth CD, Just for a thrill, we are witness to a musician who's at the height of her powers.

Rose starts things off smartly with the title track, "Just for a Thrill". Ray Charles would likely smile broadly at Rose's smooth rendition of his unrequited love ballad. Rose segues into the tongue in cheek, "He Knows Me Well". She knows few things make one feel more vulnerable than the knowledge that he knows that I know that he knows. But, it's also a disconcertingly comforting feeling as well.

Some of the other standout tracks include "Don't Let the Moment Slip Away", an anxious musing on the ephemeral and fleeting quality of love, "That's What My Baby Does to Me", a ballad for the man who possesses that certain je ne sais quois, and "Yes,Yes", an ode to the power of the positive affirmation.

Rose crafts simple if not vivid, slice of life vignettes with her affecting lyrics. In "That's What My Baby Does to Me", Rose beautifully unfolds a simple day in the life with the man she loves. A simple cup of coffee and a shared newspaper becomes something romantic and enrapturing. It becomes easy to see this couple on a Sunday afternoon merely enjoying being.

Rose's intimate lyricism and striking voice is beautifully accompanied by a talented band that marries guitar, organ, saxophone, and sax. For each track, they manage to strike the mood perfectly whether Rose is elated, mournful, or some combination thereof. Virtually every track Pamela and her band lays down is bound to get your feet tapping or your head nodding. Just for a thrill is more than a thrill, it's a delight.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars