Own your $#!*! - White Men Exploring Implicit Bias

Sat Dec 9
San Francisco
10:00 AM
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NFL Protests, Charlottesville, that Google memo… It can be hard to know “who to be” in all of the noise. White men often stand on the sidelines of these difficult conversations, but our participation is critical. It’s long overdue for white men to stand up en masse to look at our biases and more deeply understand the role we play in oppressive interactions and systems. It can be overwhelming: Where does the headline end and my life begin? What role do I play? How do I “own my privilege” without feeling guilty? Own your $#!*! - White Men Exploring Implicit Bias is an opportunity to turn away from the headlines and spend some time with yourself (and some other white dudes) -- to build your language, skills, and awareness around issues of diversity and inclusion. Most importantly it’s a chance to uncover your own stories about race and gender, to understand the role you have played and to be purposeful about the role you’ll play moving forward. Whether your goal is as simple as “I don’t want to say something hurtful or stupid to women or people of color”, or if you want to take your already-deep anti-racism work to the next level, we're here to connect and support.

This workshop is designed for all white men, with a focus on those in the education and technology sectors, who are ready to do the hard work of seeing yourself more clearly and becoming a better employee, co-worker, boss, partner, friend, or family member to the women and people of color in your life. Beyond your personal growth, the skills and insights you gain can support your growth as an agent of change in interpersonal, institutional, and systemic oppression. Join us!


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