New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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Outside Lands

Sights and Sounds

Breakout sets by Gogol Bordello, Phoenix, and Empire of the Sun and an abundance of food and drink made for a memorable weekend at Outside Lands. With a new layout that made the sprawling festival grounds easier to navigate, there were plenty of opportunities for new discoveries. Here’s what our crew of writers found:

1. Eugene Hütz, of Gogol Bordello, shows off his impressive facial hair, spontaneous clapping and dancing abounds, the early Saturday crowd goes wild. ~Matt Crawford (M.C.)

2. Noticed a dude with a jacket with airbrushed images of Avatar watching Furthur. Priceless! ~David Johnson-Igra (D.J.)

3. Wipe off the dust, and The Strokes are still a pretty damn good band. ~M.C.

4. Mac ’n’ Cheese and Cajun corn dogs, essential festivals staples that kept the crowd happy. ~M.C.

5. Oops! Bassnectar blows speakers. Not the first time this has happened to him, for sure. ~D.J.

6. Sunshine returned to the city in time for Temper Trap to serenade the crowd at Land's End stage. ~Anne Pao (A.P.)

7. Janelle Monae is a hell of a lot shorter than I ever imagined. Might call her Lil Monae from here on out. ~D.J.

8. You can’t go wrong starting your day with the Devil Makes Three. ~M.C.

9. VIPs and those close to the stage love Al Green's interaction with fans, while those in back think he forgets lyrics to songs. ~A.P.

10. Phoenix frontman doubles as singer and stuntman, crawling on top of speakers and crowd-surfing to the stage. ~A.P.

11. I feel better after Phoenix's rendition of "If I Ever Feel Better." Waited six years to hear that. ~D.J.

12. Little Skillet fried chicken, Gordo's burritos, and Out the Door noodle boxes dominate the food lines. ~A.P.

13. “Say Something!” Damian Marley channeling Bob with “Could You be Loved.” ~M.C.

14. Kings on Leon finally wake up halfway through their set and rock the crowd to pyrotechnics. ~A.P.

15. Empire of the Sun’s psychedelic freakout with Avatar look-alikes and interpretive dancing was mind-blowing. ~M.C.