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Outdoors and Outstanding

MadCat Festival brings women's films to life

It's Tuesday night. Halfway to Blockbuster, you suddenly realize your cinematic needs won't be met if you spend another evening sacked out on the couch with a bag of Chee-tos, watching Weekend at Bernie's . You crave independent films! Experimental films! Films shown on the back patio of a bar! Your salvation lies in the Outer Mission, for when it comes to
non-traditional movies shown in a non-traditional setting, you can't beat El Rio's Outdoor Cinema -- they even lay out a free "omnivore barbecue" before the show.

This month, El Rio plays host to the MadCat Women's International Film Festival , featuring a different selection of films every Tuesday. Each program of short films and videos has a theme.
This week's films are loosely tied to the idea of "Lost in Translation;" local filmmaker Imelda Picherit's Dover Street is shown alongside films such as Egypt , which explores the world of deaf-mutes, and Austrian filmmaker Elke Groen's Tiro Material , a study of film fragments found in a demolished Yugoslavian theater.
Also screening is San Francisco International Film Festival favorite Leche , a scratchy black-and-white experimental documentary about Mexican dairy farmers.

Future programs include "Interior Worlds" on September 14th, with Jennifer Reeves' We Are Going Home , Charlene Shih's animated Women , Barbara Albert's The Fruit of Thy Womb , and other films about growing older and overcoming feelings of alienation. September 21st looks into "Dark Mirrors" with Sally Potter's spy genre spoof, The London Story ; Abigail Child's found-footage collage, Mercy ;
Lisa Hayes' Women Are Not Little Men ; and other films that tweak the conventions of fairy tales, horror stories, and science fiction. The final program on September 28th consists of just one film, Lizzie Borden's seminal Born in Flames , which takes on racism and feminism in a story about a Women's Army which rises up to fight back against repression.
Believe me, it beats Weekend at Bernie's every time!


MadCat Festival
El Rio
3158 Mission St.
(Mission @ Cesar Chavez Ave./Army)
Cost $5
Doors: 7 pm for BBQ
Screening: 8:30 pm
Every Tuesday night throughout September (7th, 14th, 21st, 28th)
Dress warmly. Rain or shine.