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Out Hud: Let Us Never Speak of IT Again

Kranky, released on March 21, 2005

Did you ever hit Save The Robots? Is the Tom Tom Club the first album you ever purchased? Erasure? The Human League? Does LGBNAF mean anything to you? Are you trekking to Burning Man? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then Out Hud's latest may be the answer to all your playtime questions.

Let Us Never Speak of IT Again opens with rapid fire tribal thumps that call us to the dance floor. Heavy breathing, fat beats, dreamy guitar riffs and familiar synth melodies fill the first half of the album. The blissed out vocals of Phyllis Forbes and Molly Schnick keep us floating and spinning through the glare of it all.

Then, somewhere in the middle, we drift into silence, just for a few seconds and a whole new mood unfolds. You can still dance, but the beats change. They slow down. They sneak behind closed doors; mixed under the sheets, they drive to bigger climaxes. It's flawless in a very natural way. Understand?

I hope so. Out Hud is giving us the complete package, the entire night out on the town and then some.

However, I can't reconcile the lyrics, the track names or the title to what I'm feeling. Words seem inconsequential except to break up the beats and focus our mind on one thing at a time -- that is, until the last song.

The album slowly lifts itself up and on the final track, "The Stoked American", the ladies sing sweetly, "If I had back, all the time I lost, I would spend it with Me, again.
But this time, We'd have more fun, like We do tomorrow."

I answer the call, hit play again and start all over. Out Hud is addictive and practice makes perfect.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Out Hud is on tour and will stop in San Francisco on June 3rd at Bottom of the Hill.