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Oranger - New Comes and Goes

Released on eenie meenie, September 20th

In a strange way the first track "Crooked in the Weird of the Catacombs" sounds a bit similar to The Killers without the punchy emo vocals and a bit more...Cali. Oranger fills the bulk of this album with honest songs about realizations that come after breakups. There is a rugged beauty about each song that is polished over by playful synthesizer hammering.

At times the songs become a bit formulaic but have a catchiness to them that will guarantee college radio stations playing the heck out of them. "Flying Pretend" establishes the album's place alongside an empty glass in a cabin in the woods surrounded by friends and memories. When the track "Light Machine" arrives, you're back out in the crowd thinking you've just mistaken Oranger for a Jam band. This particular track has a solo that could be played for an hour with lyrics to blur your mind for a few more.

I give this album an above average rating to give a hint that <i>New Comes and Goes</i> is worth spinning once just to see which song fits your taste at the moment.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars