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Open Water

Dude, Where's My Boat?

A recently-married couple goes on a scuba diving trip and is somehow left behind in the middle of the open ocean.

So there's the plot, kids. Now, you do the math. What lives around reefs and schools of fish in the open ocean? Here's a hint: they are the proud owners of a whole shitload of cartilage and teeth. Yep, SHARKS.

As far as plot and dialogue, this movie's way short. But in terms of making the moviegoer feel like he or she is floating around in the open ocean as the main characters are, Open Water hits a home run. Not many times have I felt as vulnerable and prey-like as I did when I saw this film earlier this year at Sundance. It's impossible not to feel as immersed in salty ocean water as the couple who are trying to survive the ordeal.

I haven't felt this uncomfortable watching a movie since, probably, The Blair Witch Project. Of course, if you were one of those people that thought BWP was "not scary at all, man", well, then, you're probably just one of those brave people who aren't afraid of sharks, either.

Stars: 3.5 out of 5