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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

San Francisco-based Christopher Dexter Greenspan, better known as oOoOO, is pioneering a genre that cannot be classified with just one word. With haunting melodies mixed with electro, his tracks maintain a gothic feel with hip-hop influences. For those that take a listen, itís clear that oOoOO is just beginning a career into original stardom. Catch him at Hacksaw Entertainmentís two-year anniversary at Mighty on December 4th with local heroes Lazer Sword.

SF Station (SFS): You have quite an enigmatic DJ moniker. How did you come up with it and how is it pronounced?

oOoOO (O): I just typed it into MySpace spontaneously when I uploaded my earliest songs. Itís not a name. Itís like a lack of a name, and itís not really meant to be pronounced.

SFS: Do you produce music full-time?

O: No, I really just work on music when I feel like something good will come out of it; when I feel inspired, or whatever. Some people force themselves to play or record everyday, but I definitely don't do that.

SFS: Your tracks have been categorized with characteristics like electro-goth, and whatnot. How would you describe it?

O: I would say maybe moody, reserved, and detached.

SFS: "Nosummer4u" is a great track, especially with this strange Indian fall weather. What made you decide on that sample?

O: The original is a great song and the lyrics are really sad. There's kind of an undertone of melancholy in it, but the music is basically a dance track. I wanted to make a version that was musically as sad as the words.

SFS: You recently released your self-titled EP from Tri Angle Records. What was the inspiration behind that record?

O: Itís kind of a weird non-cohesive record because the songs were written and recorded many months apart from each other. They weren't meant to be part of an album. We just kind of took individual tracks and put them together for the release. But I'm working on material for an LP now and I'm trying to give all of the tracks a consistent sound and style.

SFS: How do you choose whom to collaborate with?

O: My friend Lisa put vocals on a lot of my tracks. She's not really a musician or even a singer I guess, but the raw tone of her voice is amazing. This is totally a compliment even though it might not sound like one, but there's a very generic 80s freestyle singer quality to her voice. Other than her, I haven't worked with anyone else, so I don't know.

SFS: If your music could be the soundtrack to one movie, what would it be?

O: Klute with Jane Fonda.

SFS: Since your music can get dark at times, whatís one assumption people usually get wrong about you?

O: That I'm into the occult.

SFS: Not too surprising! Lastly, what's in store for your holiday season?

O: I'm DJing at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival and I'll be back East for a few weeks to see family. Then I'm going to New Orleans for the New Year.

Listen to oOOoO tracks here: