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oohoo studios was founded by independent digital artist Shu Liu, aka "oohoo," in  March of 2014.  Shu has 15 years of experience as a professional artist and designer in many areas: advertising, commercial, film and animation. He has worked on major Hollywood productions such as Rio(2011), Ice age 4 (2012), Wreck-it Ralph(2012), and the Book of Life(2014).   

In early 2014, after years of merely being a small piece in much bigger projects, he started to feel artistically stifled. Liu created oohoo Studios as a means of expressing himself through his own art, and he thought it would be great if the business could get his designs out as "wearable art."  

He treats every product as a piece of art, by using direct to garment printing technology rather than screens, which really helps bring out all the details and colors. You can feel and see the passion in his products through his amazing designs and high quality shirts.

oohoo's origins:When Liu was little, other school kids would make fun of his huge glasses, calling him names like "four-eyes." As he grew older, he learned to view these childhood torments with a sense of humor. The goofy, four-eyed monster in the oohoo logo is based on his younger self.  


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