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October Concert Highlights

Musical Treasures

While the Treasure Island festival is the focal point of the October music lineup with a slew of indie and electronic bands, there is an eclectic mix of groups coming to the Bay Area throughout the month. From reggae to pop, SF Station has your one-stop list of top picks for this month.

October 5th: Broken Bells at Fox Theater
The indie super group — duo, to be exact — was one of 2010’s most anticipated debuts. Danger Mouse and James Mercer (The Shins) have a great musical chemistry that forges indie rock with hip hop and other genres.

October 13th: K-OS at Slim’s
This well-regarded Canadian emcee’s dynamic sound has attractive collaborations from Broken Social Scene, and many others. Though he has yet to receive his dues in the U.S, don’t let his name full you — everything is within his control, and widespread fame can be reached.

October 19th: Jonsi at Fox Theater
Jonsi, the former guitarist and vocalist from Sigur Ros, remains a figurehead for creative post-rock. The performance is supporting his first solo album, Go.

October 21st: Mishka at The Independent
Combining soul music with reggae, Mishka has gained fame for his lively sound, even had the opportunity to collaborate with the great Willie Nelson on Mishka’s most recent album, Talk About.

October 22nd: Starfucker at The Great American Music Hall
Star-what? Their name is indicative of their following. Known for their live performances, each show is like a house party minus the drunken people you don’t want to see.

October 25th: Sufjan Stevens at Paramount Theater
The indie folk singer put out one of the mostly high-anticipated albums of 2010. His soft and enchanting style should be a perfect fit for the majestic Paramount.

October 29th: Built to Spill at Fillmore
Built to Spill’s latest album is incredible. For any fan of contemporary indie rock, this is a must-see to understand the roots of the genre.